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HEARTWORX Tattoo & Art Studio provides artistic quality custom tattoo creations in a hygienic and comfortable environment as well as beautiful portrait renderings and original works of art.

HeartworX Studio is a custom oriented studio, where the client’s ideas and thoughts, are blended with the artist’s creativity and artistic talents. Tattoo ideas may come from life experiences, interests, and daily life, which create a connection to the client.  If you feel you are not artistically inclined, and can not get your ideas out on paper to show the artist, just bring your thoughts, references (pictures from the internet, magazines/books, etc), or anything else that can help the artist create your tattoo design.  Unfortunately, the studio does not have a selection of “Flash” to choose ideas for your tattoo from, for as stated above, your ideas should come from your head, and be created specifically for you.

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May 2014 Update

May 5th, 2014

Currently in the process of updating info and portfolio…..For more up-to-date  tattoo photos, please feel free to check out the facebook page: www.facebook.com/heartworxstudio

Until further notice, there will be no set office hours…. if you would like to book an appointment for a consultation or tattoo session then please send an email to heartworx@shaw.ca OR send a private message via the facebook page.  Due to the high volume of requests for tattoos, please be patient in receiving a response from the artist.   Larger themed projects and unique ideas will get your requests noticed quicker and will often receive scheduling priority.  Preference is also given to projects with fewer restrictions on design and body placement before choosing something with parameters that are set in stone.   Keep in mind, the larger and/or more detailed the tattoo design is, the more dedicated you should be in putting forth the time and financial investment that is necessary to receiving the best possible tattoo.  The usual wait time to get a tattoo session @ Heartworx is 3-5 months…small and simple tattoos can sometimes be fit in sooner.

***   FYI:  Calling the shop repeatedly will not get a speedy response, if at all.  Email or FB msgs are preferred (can sometimes take 1-4 weeks for a reply unless you get lucky).  Also, if you are just looking for a cheap tattoo, we will not get along. ***

Heartworx Studio is moving

April 18th, 2011
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It’s official: Heartworx Studio will be moving to 107 Frederica St. West, Thunder Bay (across from Fun Factor & Westfort Foods) and will be re-opening there on May 17th, 2011!!

We will be at our current location @ 516 Victoria Ave. East until May 6th.

Twisted Alice

Here are some progress pics of a 3/4 sleeve of Alice in Wonderland that I’ve been working on. My client wanted a dark version of Alice instead of the usual disney version and a younger version of the Mad Hatter. The chesire cat, the twins and the caterpillar are from the 2010 movie. My client didn’t want a Queen of Hearts in the design but I managed to get away with a Queen of Hearts card in there anyway hehehe.

Malice Sleeve

Malice Sleeve

malice sleeve closeup

Malice Sleeve closeup

This tattoo idea was one of the winners for the tattoo contest the studio had last year. I’ll try to have better pics next session :)

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